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Film and New Media Studies

Accessing Online Library Materials and Help from Off Campus

Your friendly librarians are available to help with your research and accessing materials. Visit to schedule a time with us that works for you (all times presented are EDT). Meetings will be held via Zoom. 

Start your research from the Library homepage (you are already in the right place!)

When you're off-campus, make sure to start your research on the Library website. This means that you will be recognized as a Wheaton user and asked for your WID and password. You should start from the subject guides or list of databases instead of using Google.

If you go directly to, for example, it won't recognize you as a Wheaton user and you will have access to far less content.

Who can access library online resources from off-campus?
Off-campus access is available to all current Wheaton College students, faculty, and staff.

If you use Google Scholar to search for articles, it won't know to provide Wheaton links to our full-text subscriptions when you're off-campus unless you enable library links. 

Enable Library links in Google Scholar
Go to Settings > Library links and type Wheaton College into the box, then check both of the options highlighted below and click save. 



This will trigger Find it at Wheaton links to display on the right side of your results page.



Movie poster for the for the 1955 film "Tarantula!" The poster shows a giant tarantula with a woman in its pincers trampling a town as people run in terror. The tagline reads "Giant spider strikes! Crawling terror 100 feet high!"This guide will help you throughout the research process in Film and New Media Studies, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or use the link on the left to schedule an appointment. 







Image: Tarantula! Poster. Holywood: Universal

Pictures Co., Inc., 1955. Via WikiCommons

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