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FYE: Foundations of Research (What is Art For? Hoy)



Think, pair, share Google Image Search

Pair off with a classmate (either virtually or from a safe distance) and challenge each other to find the exact images of an item, like the boots, using keyword combinations.

  • Did adding more search terms help or hinder good results? 
  • Talk about what made this process easy or hard, and how you could improve your results.
  • Did anything about thinking about your search, before you searched, surprise you?

Mind Mapping

Watch the first 4-minutes of this video introducing Mind Mapping

  • Gather some blank paper and colored pens, pencils, markers, or crayons.
  • Try a basic mind mapping exercise with a topic for an assignment, or topic of interest.
  • This technique is especially helpful for seeing connections between different ideas or keywords, did it help you?
  • Mind mapping is also helpful in finding the gaps in your knowledge about a topic. Did you identify any gaps? How can you find additional information to complete your mind map? 
  • Did you find the different colors helpful? Did you prefer to draw images instead of write words?