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FYE: Ethical Use of Information (What Good is College?)


Exploring the Issues

Read or watch one of the selections from under 'Learn More'. In the discussion forum for this assignment answer the following questions:

  • What selection did you choose? 
  • What was the gist or main point of the video or reading? 
  • Did you learn anything new? 
  • How will you use the information from the video or reading in your research? 

Practice Creating Citations - Think, Pair Share

Think about what you have learned about citations and their value in a scholarly community like Wheaton. Pair with a classmate, either remotely or from a safe distance, and each pick a different citation style (commons styles include APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian). 

Using ZoteroBib, each of you should look up each of these items in your format:

Using the "Copy to the Clipboard button" paste the citations into a shared Google Doc.

Now, look at the two citation styles. In the Google Doc, list several similarities and several differences between the two styles you chose. Did one style emphasize a different piece of information that another (year of publication or author name)? Explain.

Look at the various formats of information. Are all the citations within a style the same? Explain.

What varies between different formats of information? Write why you think this may be important?