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FYE: Ethical Use of Information (What Good is College?)


Exploring the Issues

Read or watch one of the selections from under 'Learn More'. In the discussion forum for this assignment answer the following questions:

  • What selection did you choose? 
  • What was the gist or main point of the video or reading? 
  • Did you learn anything new? 
  • How will you use the information from the video or reading in your research? 

Plagiarism or Not? 

Read the following excerpt from a scholarly work and complete the quiz to determine whether each example of students' writing is plagiarism or not plagiarism.

Despite growing use and discussion of Wikipedia, there remains significant uncertainty about its appropriate use - and even what defines use. Seventeen percent of students at the beginning of the semester indicated that they would not use Wikipedia in any college assignments. However, in a following question, those students indicated that they actually would use it in some form (finding a topic, getting basic data, etc.). This is likely due to one or both of the following reasons: students are inherently hesitant to indicate that they use Wikipedia in a general way, and/or students are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with how to handle sources that they don't end up citing. Therefore, this study seems to reinforce the imperative that, despite the ubiquity and popularity of Wikipedia and common warnings from secondary school instructors, it is important for postsecondary instructors to teach students how to properly approach this Web site.

Wikipedia is a unique and very powerful information resource, one that is saturated into student life even as academics continue to debate its proper role in scholarly work. It is therefore important to continue to monitor how students are using it in order to ensure that they are receiving the best education possible in a rapidly changing world. 

Source: Garrison, J.J. (2015). Getting a "quick fix": First year college students' use of Wikipedia. First Monday, 20(10).