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FYE: Ethical Use of Information (What Good is College?)


Exploring the Issues

Read or watch one of the selections from under 'Learn More'. In the discussion forum for this assignment answer the following questions:

  • What selection did you choose? 
  • What was the gist or main point of the video or reading? 
  • Did you learn anything new? 
  • How will you use the information from the video or reading in your research? 

Developing a Conversation 

In the video above, we looked at how the conversation on a topic is developed through several articles as they cite and build on the information from the previous article. In this exercise, look at the dates of publication, journal titles, and abstracts for the following 3 articles, and in a discussion forum for this assignment write a short paragraph on how the conversation on this topic has developed across disciplines and time. 

What makes online content viral?

Beyond Misinformation: Understanding and Coping with the "Post-Truth" Era

Is it smart to read on your phone? The impact of reading format and culture on the continued influence of misinformation